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Storyvine is a Denver-based start-up that transforms informal mobile video into sophisticated, branded video usable by the world’s largest brands. We allow organizations to produce videos of people, globally and in near real-time. Our platform cost-effectively produces dozens, hundreds or even thousands of videos.

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Storyvine Intern

Since we are a small, nimble company we can semi-tailor an internship to the needs and desires of the intern. We have several areas of learning outlined below, but let us also know your passions. One year, we had an intern who was an acting student, so we put her in front of the camera for the first four weeks. She also tried her hand at sales and found she really liked that. The year following we hired her back for a full-time, permanent job as a sales coordinator!

Before the internship begins, we ask that both Storyvine and you select one initial project. Since this is a fast-paced startup, you’ll likely get a firehose of work thrown at you, but insist on selecting at least one area as a jumping off point.

Working in start-ups are challenging, exciting, fun and frustrating. At the end of the internship, at a minimum, you’ll know if the start-up environment is the type of environment you would like to work in. (And if it’s not, well that’s valuable information to know now!)

If you intern for us, we will help you network and find future positions. We have a bevy of contacts, including many in the Colorado Start-up Community and, if you provide quality work, we will happily bend-over-backwards to find you a future position when you’re ready, or information interviews if you’re not. Lastly, Catalyst is a great place to network if you’re interested in the healthcare field.

Areas of First Projects

Learning XML

We will teach you XML and how to structure basic stories using Storyvine’s technology as well as some basic video editing skills. With this knowledge, you will be able to create templates for the Storyvine system. Additionally, will teach you basic story structure and how traditional story structure changes using our technology.

One task could be to create your own template for a specific purpose of your choosing and then go an interview people with Storyvine technology. We expect you’ll teach us some new tricks with your unique creative thought process. (One of our interns came up with a new start-up idea and we even pitched his idea with him!)

One task could be to partner with another staff member and create training videos that then serve as a base for profiles within our office building, CATALYST. This would be ideal for networking purposes in the tech healthcare industry.  


We’ll teach you our backend system, how it works and how clients interact with it, and then we’ll ask you to create a documentation system for a section of it.  The documentation should be so easy that my (proverbial) mother can understand 1) how it works and 2) how to set it up.

Create a Competitive analysis – You will follow a well tread path, each summer, we have an intern conduct a full scale analysis of our competitors. You get to download a bunch of apps from our competitors, play with them and then analyze their feature set. We ask that you update and add on to the existing analysis complete with strategic analysis, pictures, diagrams and feature set analysis. We’ll mentor you through the creation of this document.

Sales & Marketing Track

We’ll ask you to do Sales and/or Marketing research in one or more areas: Opportunities for speaking engagements, Sales lists, Media Outlets, Conferences, etc.

We’ll ask you to update our Sales Operations Metrics and teach you about the Sales Funnel and what these metrics stand for and how we run our business against them. We use Salesforce. If you’re not familiar with salesforce, we’ll teach you. (Additionally, Salesforce provides an enormous amount of help material.)

We will teach you our sales process and how to make sales calls. We will likely be hiring for a full-time entry-level sales position, so for those who are interested in this type of work, this is an ideal internship.

Account Management

Help the account team capture the necessary data and reports in sales force to support our client on-boarding process.

Help identify and document the client lifecycle and create touch-point surveyes with the Account Director to better understand our client’s experience, brand impression and gather critical data on end-user experience.

Work the account team to identify what in the client experience can be automated.

Basic Requirements

• You can think critically, ask questions, search the internet for answers, etc.
• You can work independently and in teams. (We don’t micromanage here.)
• You can write coherently with proper grammar, do basic math and can represent yourself in a professional manner.
• Must be at least 16 years of age.

What happens on your first day?

After all the hiring paperwork is complete, then we will give you a tour (and orientation) of our office. We office at CATALYST, a collaborative work environment that is fun, but also has rules, e.g. how you reserve a shared conference room.

We will give you a presentation of what Storyvine is, how our clients use it and how we think about our business, including what our challenges are. Then you’ll start on your first project, e.g. one of the ones selected above. That will be a good jumping off point to understanding how to integrate yourself and will help start an ongoing dialog about what you want to learn during your internship.
In addition to your project work, we’ll have you attend as many company meetings as possible, e.g. our Weekly Sales Meeting, client meetings, investor meetings, etc. We’ll give you as much context as we can, but feel free to ask plenty of questions. Even stupid ones. (They’re usually not stupid, by the way.)

Start and End Date: Flexible two month period.
Supervisor: Monique Elwell, co-founder & COO

While the compensation for this position is ultimately dependent upon the candidate's experience and other qualifications, starting hourly rate is $15 - $18. (Once we complete the training and you start selling, then your compensation package will be renegotiated.)  Additionally, you will be provided a computer for use during the internship.


If you'd like to apply please send your resume to HireMe@storyvine.com with the position you're applying for in the header!

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