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Storyvine Introduction Storyvine Introduction

We Make Video Storytelling “Automagic”

Video, video, video! Marketers, social media managers, consumers...everyone wants more video. But the elephant in the room is, How are you going to do it?! Video is hard. Where are you supposed to start? Who does the filming? Who does the editing? Who has the money or the time?

Keeping the Human Element

Today’s digitally connected world can actually make it harder to feel connected. One way to bring people closer together is through stories. And your brand story is best told by your people – your customers, employees, constituents, advocates – who can speak from experience and passion.

Storyvine makes it easy for you to let your people tell their own story. You decide what stories you want told, and then our app guides people step-by-step through the process.

No Editing Necessary!

When they’re finished telling their story, each clip is uploaded to the cloud and – POOF! – within minutes, a professionally-produced video is stitched together complete with graphics, music, transitions and everything. It’s pretty magical, which is why we call it “automagic editing.”

We fill the gap between expensive Professional Video and hard-to-control User Generated Content (UGC) Authentic stories branded and structured in the way you want them. A back-end system that makes it easy to set up an approval process and regulatory compliance.

That’s what Storyvine is. Hello!

The world between pro & UGC Video

While professional video is high quality, it can be very expensive and complicated. User-Generated video, on the other hand, is incredibly authentic, but it is completely out of your control. Storyvine is a hybrid that lives in the space between these two worlds, offering you the structural advantages of professional video with the Speed & Scale of UGC. You get authentic stories that are on-brand, and on-message, and a simple Video Management Dashboard that makes it easy for you to approve and publish the best videos.

Storyvine Guided Video

"Automagic" app

Storyvine’s app guides you step-by-step through answering a series of prompted questions that are specific to that kind of story. You answer those questions, those clips go up to the cloud, and a few minutes later through what we call "Automagic editing," a professionally produced video is stitched together, complete with graphics and background music and transitions. The back-end dashboard allows you to manage all that content as a brand or a company or an organization. No matter where a video is filmed in the world you can review it in this backend system before you push it live to the world.


Storyvine captures video in a structured way using a “Video Guide” that asks specific questions, one at a time. This type of structured storytelling yields better stories and keeps the content authentic and on-brand. Our structured workflows enable you to approve videos before sharing them with the world.


Storyvine creates a fully-edited video in about 5-10 minutes from the time the assets are uploaded after filming, making it very good for events. People can film a video at an event (when those were still happening) and post it to social channels before the event is over.


Storyvine produces previously impossible quantities of videos. For example, a healthcare advocacy group produced 720 videos in a 12-week period using only volunteers. Scale means that videos can be filmed anywhere in the world (as long as the smartphone returns WiFi or cell access). Finally, scale means that stories can be told over time. Short form videos taken consistently over time can tell powerful, authentic stories that can be used as rallying tools for organizations and individuals.

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