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Storyvine is a Denver-based start-up that transforms informal mobile video into sophisticated, branded video usable by the world’s largest brands. We allow organizations to produce videos of people, globally and in near real-time. Our platform cost-effectively produces dozens, hundreds or even thousands of videos.

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Inside Sales Representative

We’re looking for an entry level sales person to start immediately. You do not need any experience, but you need to be assertive and reach out to people to get them on the phone. We hope your neuroticism rivals ours, meaning, if something isn’t moving fast enough, you have an internal drive to get the next call/meeting scheduled and to follow up.

You also need to follow our very detailed and dogmatic sales process. If you do, you will close business. This position will start with grunt work and then progress into a full-fledged sales role with a quota.

Your first month or two will be mainly data entry into salesforce. During this period, you will be taught our sales process and how it’s represented in sales force. The goal is to learn that process better than anyone else in the company. You will shadow our COO (acting VP of Sales) & CEO on sales calls and hone our sales documentation.

Once you know our sales process inside and out, you will start making calls to schedule meetings for the COO and the CEO. The majority of those calls will be warm or hot leads, but as you progress, you’ll likely need to make some cold calls. (Right now, we have more inbound leads than we can handle.)

Your next stage is to progressively handle more and more of the sales process, e.g. attending conferences for lead generation, Discovery/Qualifying calls, Presentations and Closing calls. Our hope is that in one year from your state date, you are able to handle the entire sales process yourself (with supervision) and have your own quota. At that point, it is likely that we will assign you our Political Advocacy category and you will attend trips with the CEO and COO to Washington D.C. and various conferences. ​​​​​​​


• College Degree
• Strong internal core motivation to make phone calls, send emails, talk to people, schedule meeting, bring in business.
• Strong communication skills and Professional demeanor on the phone, via email, in person.

While the compensation for this position is ultimately dependent upon the candidate's experience and other qualifications, starting salary is $30,000 - $35,000 + bonuses. (Once we complete the training and you start selling, then your compensation package will be renegotiated.)  Additionally, you will be provided a computer, and a reimbursement for your cell phone


If you'd like to apply please send your resume to HireMe@storyvine.com with the position you're applying for in the header!

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